Emphasis on energy efficiency and transportation provide cost-effective opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

SWEEP Praises Nevada Climate Strategy

December 4, 2020

Tom Polikalas, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, tpolikalas@swenergy.org


[CARSON CITY, NV] – The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), a public-interest organization promoting greater energy efficiency and clean transportation in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, praised Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak on Nevada’s recently released Climate Strategy, “an economy-wide roadmap intended to serve as a framework and roadmap for Nevada policymakers to develop Nevada-specific policy and budget proposals in-line with Nevada’s climate change mitigation and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals.”

“We commend Nevada’s Climate Strategy for its strong emphasis on energy efficiency in the utility, transportation, and building sectors of Nevada’s economy,” said Dr. Howard Geller, SWEEP’s Executive Director. “Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce GHG emissions.”

In addition to utilities prioritizing energy efficiency and demand response measures, Nevada’s Climate Strategy highlights several other specific energy efficiency policies including:

  • Adopting appliance and equipment energy efficiency standards
  • Implementing a statewide “benchmarking” program to identify opportunities to save energy in commercial buildings
  • Requiring residential energy labeling and energy audits so that consumers can make more informed decisions when buying homes
  • Adopting building energy codes that facilitate “net-zero energy” buildings in which onsite renewable energy systems provide the annual energy requirements of highly energy efficient residential and commercial buildings
  • Expanding the property-assessed clean energy financing program to provide access to capital for residential as well as commercial energy efficiency retrofits
  • Expanding energy savings performance contracting
  • Transitioning from natural gas use in buildings to more efficient and less polluting heat pumps and other electric appliances

“Implementing these policies will support well-paying jobs in Nevada as well as cut harmful carbon GHG emissions,” said Tom Polikalas, SWEEP’s Nevada Representative. “Climate change mitigation and economic growth go hand-in-hand.”

SWEEP also praised the Nevada Climate Strategy’s transportation policy analysis which includes:

  • Adopting low and zero-emissions vehicle standards
  • Implementing a clean truck program
  • Adopting low-carbon fuel standards
  • Implementing a state car allowance rebate system (“cash for clunkers”)
  • Closing emissions inspection loopholes for classic cars license plates

“The Nevada Climate Initiative is a valuable first step for reducing harmful GHG emissions in the Silver State,” said Geller. “SWEEP looks forward to working with state officials to flesh out these policies and then advance them towards adoption.”


About the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP)
The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project is a public interest organization promoting greater energy efficiency in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. For more information, visit www.swenergy.org.