Working with Utah Clean Energy for cleaner air, efficient homes and buildings, electrified transportation, and protecting climate vulnerable communities.

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Working in Utah to advance energy efficiency improvements and to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) partners with Utah Clean Energy (UCE) in Utah to help communities harness the economic and health advantages of energy efficient buildings and industries, and clean transportation programs to achieve healthier air, lower energy costs, and protection for the low-income residents who will be most impacted by our changing climate.

*Savings and benefits data preliminary as of spring 2023.

Our work in Utah


Together, SWEEP and UCE have helped spur the construction of cleaner and more efficient buildings, encourage utility programs to reduce energy waste, and foster support for less-polluting transportation options in Utah. Most recently, we have logged important progress on green building codes and transportation electrification, including:

  • The Uniform Building Code Commission’s support for statewide adoption of the latest commercial building energy code — the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code — to reduce energy use and lower utility bills.
  • Generated community interest in exploring adoption of voluntary “stretch codes” to achieve net zero and all-electric building construction at the local level.
  • Adoption of clean transportation policies, including a reasonable EV fee increase compromise, a prohibition on homeowner associations preventing residents from installing their own EV charging equipment, and funding for rural EV charging and multimodal alternatives such as transit, biking, and pedestrian projects.

2023 agenda

In 2023, SWEEP and UCE will be working to expand upon our past efforts to reduce climate pollution and energy costs for homes and businesses across Utah. Our priorities include:

  • Spurring the adoption of energy efficient and all-electric building practices through local voluntary “stretch codes,” state and utility policies and incentives, and supporting effective implementation of new residential rebate programs that drive widespread efficiency and electrification upgrades over the next decade.
  • Advocate for transportation electrification solutions that support all communities, with a focus on affordable housing, while also supporting fleet electrification and pushing for incentives and policies that support electrification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Accelerated implementation and expansion of innovative utility demand response strategies that enables grid flexibility and the integration of renewable energy generation for Utah.

SWEEP Utah representatives

Kevin Emerson

Building Efficiency & Decarbonization Director, Utah Clean Energy

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Supporting SWEEP’s work in Utah allows us to help communities harness the economic advantages of better energy efficiency and clean transportation programs for a state with cleaner and healthier air, lower energy costs, and protection for its most climate vulnerable citizens.