Harnessing the economic and societal advantages of energy efficiency and clean transportation.

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Working in Arizona to foster breakthrough demand-side technologies while reducing barriers to transportation electrification access.

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project’s (SWEEP) work in Arizona has improved consumer access to energy savings programs and policies, supported vulnerable communities’ transition to clean energy, as well as enabled the influx of more electric vehicles (EVs) onto the state’s roadways and upgraded energy efficiency in new buildings for better indoor air quality, lower utility bills, and more resilient housing.

*Savings and benefits data preliminary as of spring 2023.

Our work in Arizona


With collaboration from our allies, SWEEP has helped achieve significant wins in Arizona to expand the role that energy efficiency and transportation electrification play in the utility energy portfolios and to foster the local community’s adoption of more efficient building codes. Recent progress includes:

  • The growth and diversification of utility investments in demand-side programs to conserve energy and reduce utility bills in homes and businesses.
  • Robust implementation of utility, state, and local government transportation electrification and systematic charging infrastructure.
  • Adoption of clean building codes in municipalities statewide to ensure new buildings are sustainable, comfortable, healthy, and wired to support electric space, water heating equipment, and EV charging.

2023 agenda

In 2023, SWEEP’s Arizona team will work on essential policies to promote an efficient and clean energy future, reduce carbon emissions and air pollution, and strengthen solutions to energy poverty statewide. Key priorities include:

  • Developing a comprehensive roadmap for a decarbonized and equitable electric grid through utility resource planning.
  • Elevate policies and programs that aim to achieve a just and equitable transition for communities devastated by the early retirement of coal-fired power plants.
  • Supporting the implementation of federally funded clean energy and transportation programs by Arizona’s state agencies, local governments, and the newly created Office of Resiliency.
  • Expanding customer participation in utility energy efficiency, demand response, and electrification programs.
  • Building momentum for robust utility investments, managed EV charging, and EV charging infrastructure.

SWEEP Arizona staff

Caryn Potter

Arizona Representative

Tyler Merriweather

Federal Funding Implementation Coordinator

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