Working towards cleaner air, electrified roadways. and protecting climate vulnerable communities.

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Working in Colorado to advance energy efficiency improvements, beneficial electrification, and clean transportation solutions.

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project’s (SWEEP) team in Colorado works to help communities harness the economic benefits of energy efficiency, electrification, and clean transportation programs, to provide cleaner and healthier air, lower energy costs, and protection for its most climate vulnerable citizens.

*Savings and benefits data preliminary as of spring 2023.

Our work in Colorado


With our coalition partners, SWEEP has helped Colorado adopt a set of innovative policies that help promote decarbonized buildings, cleaner transportation, and efficient use of energy in buildings and industry. These include:

  • Electric utility transportation electrification plans and building electrification plans.
  • Gas utility “clean heat” plans that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from gas use in buildings.
  • Building energy codes legislation that will require adoption of increasingly more progressive energy efficiency codes with electrification readiness.
  • Clean transportation policies to measure and reduce GHG emissions in state and regional transportation plans, promote transit, bike/pedestrian, and other multimodal projects, and provide incentives for electric vehicles (EVs) and ebikes.

2023 agenda

In 2023, SWEEP and its partners are helping to advance a set of policies that will continue to achieve progress in reducing GHG emissions, while reducing energy costs and health impacts for low-income families. These include:

  • Environmental standards for building appliances and products, such as residential windows and fans, lighting, and furnaces, to reduce energy use, cut carbon emissions and other pollution, and improve health outcomes.
  • An innovative statewide land use campaign to reduce climate emissions from the transportation sector and improve equity by enabling more affordable and efficient housing options near jobs and transit.
  • State tax credits for EVs, heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and industrial decarbonization projects.

SWEEP Colorado staff

Elise Jones

Executive Director

Justin Brant

Utility Program Director

Christine Brinker

Senior Buildings Policy Manager

Travis Madsen

Transportation Program Director

Neil Kolwey

Industrial Program Director

Matt Frommer

Senior Transportation Associate

Nissa Erickson

Federal Funding Implementation Coordinator

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