Our Mission

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project’s (SWEEP) mission is to ensure a healthy, equitable, and low carbon future by advancing energy efficiency, electrification, and clean transportation solutions in the southwestern region of the United States.

SWEEP accomplishes its mission through research and data analysis, policy development, advocacy, education, communications, and partnerships. We work in a number of policy forums and with many different partners: utilities, public utility commissions, state and federal agencies, local governments, businesses, nonprofit coalitions, and elected officials. We develop, advocate for, and implement non-partisan strategies that work across the political spectrum.

SWEEP staff are thought leaders, technical experts, and policy specialists who craft solutions, advocate for their adoption, and ensure their successful implementation. Efficiency is our orienting principle as we pursue cost-effective solutions to make the energy used in our buildings, industries, and transportation systems as clean and low carbon as possible, focusing first on meeting the needs of communities disadvantaged by fewer resources and historic inequities.

We envision a world where everyone has access to the clean, affordable energy and mobility they need for a high quality of life, while ensuring a healthy environment, stable climate, thriving communities, and a vibrant, sustainable economy for all.


Our theory of change

Efficiency — it’s in our name and it’s our orienting principle. Efficiency means ensuring how we power our world — our buildings, transportation system, utility sector, and industries — is not wasteful, but instead is effective, clean, and equitable.

Through energy efficiency and the electrification of buildings, industry, and transportation, we can achieve half of our greenhouse gas reduction targets — making it the center of advancing solutions to tackle the climate crisis.