Working towards cleaner air and reducing the energy burden for climate vulnerable communities through transportation electrification and energy efficiency.

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Working in Nevada to advance energy efficiency improvements and the fast adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and appliances.

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project’s (SWEEP) Nevada team helps communities harness the economic and environmental advantages of better energy efficiency and clean transportation programs, resulting in a state with cleaner and healthier air, reduced energy costs, and greater protection for its most climate vulnerable citizens.

*Savings and benefits data preliminary as of spring 2023.

Our work in Nevada


In partnership with other clean energy advocates, SWEEP has helped achieve important progress in Nevada to further the use of EVs, customer energy efficiency programs, and energy efficient appliances — and help communities embrace a more sustainable future. Some recent accomplishments include:

  • Expansion of utility planning for programs to support the acquisition of EVs and investments in EV charging infrastructure.
  • A state commitment to embrace cleaner, electrified trucks to reduce climate emissions and air pollution, especially in communities near freight corridors.
  • Clark County’s adoption of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code, along with a model EV-ready ordinance to ensure new buildings are constructed to support future EV charging capabilities.
  • Increase of utility financial incentives to low-income and traditionally underserved communities to access more energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, appliances, and lighting technologies.

2023 agenda

SWEEP staff will be working in 2023 to build on the progress that is helping further reduce climate emissions, accelerate transportation electrification, and lower utility bills in Nevada. Our efforts will include:

  • Passage of clean lighting standards to phase out inefficient, mercury-laden fluorescents and replace them with efficient LEDs.
  • Increased funding for utility programs on transportation electrification and low-income energy efficiency programs.
  • Local government adoption of the most up-to-date building energy codes, along with provisions to ensure homes and businesses are built ready for EVs, solar panels, and electric appliances.
  • Expanded utility investments into clean energy and beneficial electrification to achieve an equitable transition away from the state’s current reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Development of building benchmarking and performance standard programs harnessing new federal funding to help add efficiency and electrification improvements to existing building stock.

SWEEP Nevada staff

Angie Dykema

Nevada Representative

Tyler Merriweather

Federal Funding Implementation Coordinator

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