Benefits of heat pumps for Southwest homes

Benefits of heat pumps for Southwest homes

May 18, 2022


Neil Kolwey & David Petroy

Updating the analysis the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) conducted in 2018, this report demonstrates that as heat pump technology has steadily improved over the past five years, so have the benefits and cost savings provided to homeowners, renters, homebuilders, and installers. Across the Southwest states, interest in heat pumps has grown sharply in recent years, driven by new awareness of how this technology’s cost-effectiveness, efficiency, improved performance, safety and reliability, and zero-carbon capabilities makes it a superior method for heating and cooling homes and businesses when compared to gas-powered systems and appliances. Heat pump and heat pump water heater models in production today can readily and affordably supplant central air-conditioners and gas furnaces in millions of Southwest homes.

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