SWEEP Presents 2020 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards

December 8, 2020

Josh Valentine, Communications Director, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, jvalentine@swenergy.org


[BOULDER,CO] – The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) presented its 2020 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards to four individuals who have excelled at promoting greater energy efficiency and clean energy in the region, whether as state regulators, utility executives, or energy efficiency advocates. SWEEP’s 2020 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards were awarded to Jeff Ackermann, Kelly Barr, Bob Burns, and Jeff Schlegel.

Jeff Ackermann is the Chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and has served as a utility regulator for four years. During his tenure at the PUC, Jeff has been a state and national leader implementing innovative regulatory policies that are advancing energy efficiency, transportation electrification, and clean energy. Prior to serving as PUC Chair, Jeff was the Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office and director of the Colorado’s low-income home weatherization program.

Bob Burns is the Chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) and has served as a utility regulator for eight years. During his tenure on the Commission, Bob has overseen the successful implementation of the state’s Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, a policy that has saved Arizonans billions of dollars. Most recently, he was a key architect and driver of new clean energy rules approved by the Commission – rules that strengthen and extend the state’s energy efficiency resources over the next decade, establish requirements for carbon-free electricity, set requirements for energy storage, and institute improvements to the state’s integrated resource planning process to support greater competition and opportunities for stakeholder involvement.

Kelly Barr is Associate General Manager and Chief of Strategy of Corporate Services & Sustainability for the Salt River Project in Arizona. Under her leadership, the Salt River Project established a suite of 17 targets known as Salt River Project’s 2035 Sustainability Goals. These comprehensive targets include new commitments for the utility to save energy, invest in demand response, reduce carbon emissions, and enable and manage the charging of at least 500,000 electric vehicles by 2035.

Jeff Schlegel was SWEEP’s Arizona Representative for 18 years. In this capacity, he advocated for strong energy efficiency resource standards that were adopted by the ACC, first for regulated electric utilities and then for regulated gas utilities in Arizona. The electric energy resource standard in effect from 2010-20 was among the strongest standards in the country during this period. Jeff also has been a major force advancing energy efficiency policy and programs in other states including California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

“Each of our 2020 awardees has made outstanding contributions to the energy efficiency and clean energy causes in the Southwest. SWEEP greatly values their contributions and appreciates the opportunities we have had to work together,” said Howard Geller, Executive Director of SWEEP.


About the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP)
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