SWEEP Applauds Gov. Hickenlooper for Issuing Clean Energy and Climate Executive Order

July 11, 2017


On July 11, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper took a bold step forward to combat the threat that climate change poses to the state and the nation.  He has set economy-wide and electricity sector goals for reducing carbon pollution in Colorado, set meaningful policies for reducing emissions from the two most polluting sectors (electricity generation and transportation) and has committed to joining the U.S. Climate Alliance, a network of states committed to achieving the Paris climate goals.

Howard Geller, executive director of the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), said, “We are delighted that Governor Hickenlooper recognized the important role that energy efficiency will play in reducing carbon emissions, while also saving consumers money. The goal he has set of achieving 2 percent annual electricity savings by 2020 is an ambitious but achievable target. SWEEP stands ready to work with the state and utilities to meet this goal.”

Will Toor, SWEEP’s director of transportation, stated that “Meeting these goals will require that cars get more efficient every year, and that we make a large-scale transition to electric vehicles. We support the Governor’s order to develop a statewide electric vehicle (EV) plan that will bring together public policy and private investment to greatly accelerate EV adoption across the state.”

Governor Hickenlooper’s executive order may be viewed here.