A Modern Revolution In Smart-Tech Housing That Is Convenient And Thrifty For Consumers Also Benefits Utilities In This Region

New Report Explores Trailblazing Grid-Integrated & Energy Efficient Housing Developments In The Southwest

September 20, 2019

Nancy Kellogg, Buildings Program Associate
nkellogg@swenergy.org | (303) 921-4010


[BOULDER, CO] – A new report by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project explores the penetration level of smart, connected, energy-saving, and grid-integrated technology in new housing developments springing up across the southwestern U.S. The report finds a significant nexus making these communities attractive to homebuyers/consumers, home builders and electric utilities.

“Our organization is dedicated to increasing energy efficiency across the Southwest, and when we started documenting the recent advances in smart-tech housing that are accelerating in our region, we knew we had to spread the word that this new wave of development is stimulating a win-win-win scenario for consumers, home builders and utilities,” said Nancy Kellogg, buildings program associate with SWEEP.

Advances in digital communication and smart home systems—allowing homes to connect and automate thermostats, lighting, music, security, refrigerators, and more—has now spread to the energy sector as well. Not only can homes connect and automate their own appliances and devices to save energy, they can connect to the broader utility grid to manage electricity use during peak times (the “rush hour” of energy use), as well as manage and integrate clean, renewable sources of energy that benefits the environment. Home builders, recognizing consumers’ desires for more energy efficiency and renewables, are integrating smart energy solutions into their new developments. And utilities, taking note of this trend, are partnering with some of the builders and developments to test and deploy various solutions and arrangements.

As consumers are increasingly intrigued by employing connected devices – providing convenience and control – in their homes, homebuilders are jumping on opportunities to integrate them in new homes to set themselves apart. Since homebuyers are also demanding new homes with ultra-efficient construction, solar power, battery storage, and energy monitoring, many of these same homebuilders are integrating these features as well. The result: flexible, smart, efficient, connected, and interactive technologies integrated into new housing developments and seamlessly interacting with the power grid.

The report explores eight housing developments in Arizona, Colorado and Utah that are making the case that all of the recent advancements in digital communications and renewable energy can work seamlessly with the electric grid and provide multiple benefits not only to homeowners in these developments, but also homebuilders, the environment and all of the customers in a given utilities’ service area.

The report, Smart-Tech Housing Developments In The Southwest: Grid-Integrated And Energy Efficient is available for download here.