Nevada’s Economy, Health and Environment Will Benefit from More Electric Cars on the Road, New Report Says

January 23, 2019

Matt Frommer, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP)


A new report from the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) shows that electric vehicles (EVs) will save Nevada’s consumers money, stimulate the state economy, protect the environment, and that these benefits will grow over time as the electricity grid transitions from fossil fuel generation to renewables energy.

In Nevada, EVs save their drivers up to $1,264 per year in fuel and maintenance costs, which translates to significant economy-wide growth and new jobs, the report says. Nevada is also home to the cleanest electricity grid in the Southwest, which means that EVs driven in the state provide the greatest emissions reductions (compared to gas-powered cars) of any state in the region.

“Nevada’s EV market continues to grow as automakers introduce more diverse and affordable EV models and the network of charging stations expands,” said Matt Frommer, senior transportation associate at SWEEP. “Nevada is taking steps to support EV adoption and can further realize the economic and emissions benefits by advancing policies such as EV purchase incentives, Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standards, utility investment programs in EV infrastructure, and a fair and reasonable EV fee that funds transportation infrastructure without stunting EV market growth.”

SWEEP published a Nevada EV fact sheet with the economic and emissions benefits of purchasing and operating an electric vehicle in Nevada. SWEEP will also be co-hosting the Nevada Electric Transportation Forum in Reno on February 1st, 2019 where EV experts and Nevada policymakers will convene to discuss transportation electrification.

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The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) is a public-interest organization promoting greater energy efficiency and clean transportation in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.