All-Electric New Homes & Buildings in Colorado

All-Electric New Homes & Buildings in Colorado

April 15, 2021


Christine Brinker, Neil Kolwey, & Nancy Kellogg

All-electric new homes are a small but growing trend catching on across Colorado. Often marketed as “net-zero energy homes” rather than all-electric, these homes offer several notable benefits, including improved on lower asthma rates, no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions from gas leaks, and a much smaller carbon footprint compared to homes that use gas or propane for heating, hot water, and cooking. In addition, the all-electric home’s costs, comfort, and cooking performance can be the same or slightly better. We surveyed home builders from across Colorado, in particular searching out those that have built all-electric homes and buildings in the last year or so, to find out the state of the market. We uncovered several new examples from different parts of the state – including large master-planned developments, custom-built single-family homes, a multifamily complex, and a pre-k-12 rural school. SEE ALSO: All-Electric New Homes & Buildings in Colorado: Appendix with examples

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