The plan encourages electric vehicle use, innovative rate designs, and charging infrastructure development that will improve air quality, benefit public health, and help address climate change

Consumer and Conservation Groups Applaud Arizona Corporation Commission’s Approval of Implementation Plan to Electrify Transportation

July 10, 2019

Ellen Zuckerman, Arizona Representative | 609-610-2989


(Phoenix, AZ) – Western Resource Advocates, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, Arizona PIRG Education Fund, and Wildfire Arizona welcomed the Arizona Corporation Commission’s (ACC) approval today of a plan that fosters electric vehicle use, charging infrastructure development, and innovative rate designs for electric vehicle (EV) charging.

The ACC measure encourages electric utilities to develop pilot programs for EVs, to invest in charging infrastructure, particularly in rural and low-income areas, and to develop innovative rate designs to maximize benefits to all electricity customers. The ACC’s plan also calls for the utilities to file a joint, long-term, comprehensive transportation electrification plan for Arizona by the end of this year.

Arizonans have much to gain from greater electric vehicle use, including lower utility rates, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and improved public health. Phoenix and the rest of Maricopa County have some of the worst air quality in the nation in terms of ozone and short-term particle pollution, receiving an “F” grade in the most recent annual report card from the American Lung Association this spring.

One of the biggest contributors to that pollution is vehicles powered by fossil fuels. A report last December by M.J. Bradley and Associates found that Arizonans could see a see a cumulative net economic benefit of $31 billion by 2050 from greater electric vehicle use, including improved air quality and public health, reduced electric bills, and decreased vehicle operating costs.

The U.S. transportation sector also is now the largest contributor of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. Scientists project that temperatures in Phoenix will continue to rise if we do nothing to address climate change. Steps like the ACC’s plan for encouraging use of electric vehicles will help reduce these harmful emissions.

“Arizona will see many benefits through increased use of electric vehicles,” said Adam Stafford, Western Resource Advocates’ staff attorney in Phoenix. “Today, vehicle emissions contribute to climate change more than any other sector of our economy. By decreasing the number of vehicles powered by fossil fuels, we can help reduce the damage we see from climate change, including increased temperatures, prolonged droughts, more intense wildfires, and more severe ozone pollution. This is in addition to the immediate benefits to air quality and public health. Encouraging electric vehicle use is an important step toward building a better, healthier future for ourselves and our children.”

“SWEEP is thrilled that the Arizona Corporation Commission approved the next phase of electric vehicle implementation,” said Ellen Zuckerman, Arizona Representative with the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. “This decision clearly sends a signal that Arizona is ready to get serious about transportation electrification and ensure the future of transport works for all Arizonans.”

“Arizona’s Electric Vehicle Policy Implementation Plan enables the expansion of infrastructure to help meet the increased demand of EVs on our roads,” stated Diane E. Brown, executive director of the Arizona PIRG Education Fund. “More EV’s in our state will result in ratepayer, air quality, and public health benefits.”

“Wildfire recognizes and appreciates the important role the utility sector plays in helping ensure that low-income consumers – particularly those living in low-income and multi-family family properties and in rural communities – have access to electric vehicle charging technology,” said Cynthia Zwick, executive director of Wildfire, formerly the Arizona Community Action Association. “It is vital that the needs of low-income consumers be considered and prioritized in any EV policy, program, and investments that are approved, authorized, and implemented.”


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