Nevadans to save millions each year through lower utility bills

Assemblyman Watts introduces legislation to cut energy and water waste from major appliances, advance state climate strategy

March 23, 2021

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[CARSON CITY, NV] – Assemblyman Howard Watts (D-15) introduced a bill today to reduce the energy and water waste of 13 common consumer and business products including water coolers, computer monitors, and home ventilating fans.

Assembly Bill 383 would give consumers access to the most technologically advanced appliances while removing the least efficient, energy-guzzling, and water-wasting products from the market. In doing so, it would save tens of millions each year through lower utility electricity bills — all at a time when Nevada needs it the most.

Estimates by the Appliance Standards Awareness Project conclude that Nevada would save more than $29 million per year by 2035 while removing the carbon emissions equivalent of 28,000 cars from our roads.*

“I’m proud to introduce this legislation, which advances Governor Sisolak’s Climate Strategy and helps our state’s economy recover from the impacts of the pandemic,” said Assemblyman Watts. “These common-sense efficiency standards will quickly see Nevada’s families and businesses saving energy and money, while keeping a wide array of choices for consumers.”

The bill was celebrated by a diverse coalition of consumer, business, and environmental groups.

“We support sensible legislation like this, as appliance standards are good for homes and businesses in Nevada and across the U.S.,” said Andy Frank, Founder and President of Sealed, a leader in residential energy efficiency. “Many companies (representing thousands of jobs) work with homeowners to design and install energy-efficient upgrades including insulation, electrified heating and cooling solutions, and smart thermostats. These upgrades save energy and help make homes comfortable, healthy, safe, and sustainable. This kind of legislation will help ensure that homes and businesses across the state and country save as much energy as possible when it’s time to upgrade from old, inefficient appliances to modern, energy-efficient appliances.”

“We are encouraged to see lawmakers taking action on key policies in the Nevada Climate Strategy,” said Brian Fadie, State Policy Associate with the Appliance Standards Awareness Project. “Appliance standards are one of our most effective tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for boosting public health by eliminating toxic air pollution.”

“This bill is a win-win-win for Nevada consumers who want to save energy, save money, and protect the environment,” said Ellen Zuckerman, Co-Director of the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project’s Utility Program. “Nevada needs more investments that pay for themselves, protect vulnerable populations, and preserve our precious natural resources like water. This bill would do just that.”

“Now more than ever, Nevadans can use additional pocketbook savings that energy efficiency standards can deliver. Appliance efficiency standards have consistently proven they provide meaningful benefits to consumers in the form of lower utility bills, as well as significant reductions in carbon emissions,” said Mel Hall-Crawford, Director of Energy Programs for the Consumer Federation of America. “This bill will benefit consumers, the economy and help address climate change.”

*Appliance Standards Awareness Project, “2021 Nevada Appliance Standards Savings Table,”


About Assemblyman Howard Watts
Assemblyman Watts was first elected to the Nevada Legislature in 2018. A Las Vegas native and UNLV graduate, he currently serves as the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Vice Chair of the Committee on Growth and Infrastructure.

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