Commercial Construction Activity in the Southwest

SWEEP completed a market characterization study to examine commercial construction activity in the Southwest. Using data from CMD (formerly Reed Construction Data), SWEEP analyzed commercial construction trends in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming with an eye on the information needs of energy efficiency professionals in the region.

The regional and state-level reports provide a snapshot of construction activity and trends in the region. They provide useful data for energy efficiency professionals at state energy offices, building departments, utilities and other organizations involved in designing and managing commercial energy efficiency programs.

Potential applications include:

  • Development of energy code compliance tools tailored to actual building types 

  • Development of energy use benchmarking and disclosure programs based on actual building sizes and types 

  • Development of energy efficiency education materials specific to local jurisdictions and construction types 

  • Construction cost analysis by state, city, or county 

  • Legislative proceedings and policy background information 

  • Customized energy efficiency programs for new construction projects and renovations

Information in each report includes: total number of construction starts, project type (new construction and renovations), project size, project cost, building type, and location. As part of this project, SWEEP developed fact sheets of construction activity for the region and each SWEEP state:

Please contact SWEEP Buildings Senior Associate Christine Brinker if you have questions about the commercial construction data or summaries.