Reducing Driving

  • Managed Lanes
    Managed lanes can provide a long-term solution to traffic congestion whether as part of new or existing roadways but should also incorporate transit and high occupancy vehicles to ensure they serve everyone not just those who can afford to pay. See the SWEEP report, Managed Highway Lanes in Colorado.
  • Transit-Bus Rapid Transit
    Transit provides a critical transportation option and SWEEP supports efforts to expand and improve transit service.  Transit can provide significant benefits to the regions it serves and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) may be the best choice for areas seeking to invest limited resources to build the next generation of transit service. Also see the SWEEP report, Considering a Regional Network of Bus Rapit Transit in the Denver Metro Area.
  • Bike-Pedestrian
    SWEEP supports increasing and improving bike and pedestrian infrastructure so that people have high quality alternatives to driving.
  • Transportation Funding
    In 2013, Colorado passed SB 48, a bill that allows local governments flexibility in how they use the gas tax funds they receive from the state government.  Giving governments the ability to decide how to invest their limited transportation funding makes sense where there is growing demand for more and higher quality bike, pedestrian and transit options.  
  • Transportation Planning
    SWEEP has worked closely with the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) to adopt regional goals such as reducing VMT/capita and GHG emissions.  These goals should continue to be advanced in Denver and adopted by other MPOs. See DRCOG's Metro Vision 2040.
  • Driving Trends and Travel Behavior
    Across the Southwest and the nation, people have been driving less over the last decade.  However, this new trend is not often well reflected in travel forecasts from regional planning agencies and state DOTs.  By not accounting for recent shifts in travel behavior these agencies over forecast the need for future new roadways and don’t recognize the need for additional bike, pedestrian and transit routes.