Travis Madsen

Staff Biography for Travis Madsen

Travis Madsen directs the Transportation Program at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. He works to promote efficient, clean, sustainable, affordable movement of people and goods across the region – saving money, reducing pollution, protecting our health and preserving our climate.

Prior to joining SWEEP, Travis spent 5 years at Environment America, working to advance state-level climate policies, including the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Clean Power Plan. Before that, he served for a decade as a policy analyst with Frontier Group, a multi-disciplinary think tank promoting a cleaner, healthier and more democratic America.

Travis has authored or co-authored more than 100 reports, white-papers and factsheets on energy, climate, transportation and public health, including Driving Cleaner, Getting Off Oil, A New Way to Go, Clean Cars in California, Path to the Paris Climate Conference, and Greening the Bottom Line. His research and ideas have helped shape public policy debates across the nation and have earned coverage in hundreds of outlets, from the New York Times to NPR.

Travis began his career at the New Jersey Public Interest Research group, where he worked on a successful campaign to convince state leaders to adopt the Low and Zero Emissions Vehicle programs in 2004.

Travis holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. A native of Denver, he currently resides in the city with his fiancé and a garage full of bicycles.