ATK Launch Systems - Compressed Air Systems

ATK Launch Systems, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of rocket motor systems for human-rated and unmanned space launch vehicles, strategic missiles, prompt global strike missiles, and missile defense inceptors. ATK Launch Systems Bacchus Operations has been actively engaged in energy efficiency activities, having implemented more than $12 million in energy saving measures over the past ten years. Systems include SCADA, lighting, building equipment and controls, steam generation and distribution, compressed air generation and distribution, etc.

Recently ATK has focused on compressed air systems. Several projects have been completed, are in progress, or are planned over the next few years. An example of a recently completed project is provided below:


  • Total Project Cost: $130,000
  • Annual Energy Savings: 960,000 kWh
  • Annual Cost Savings: $41,000
  • Utility Self Direction Credit: $102,000
  • Measures:
    • Replaced large air compressor with smaller, load tracking compressors, added sequencing systems w/SCADA, dryer controls and other improvements
    • Optimized system operating pressure
    • Reduced system compressed air demand
  • Benefits:
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Reduced system peak electrical demand
    • Improved reliability
    • Upgraded equipment
    • Reduced emissions at coal-fired power plants