Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Updated: July 2017


Nevada has seen a population growth rate of 1.20% per year on average from 2008 to 2015, while the consumption of electricity has increased by an average of 0.33% per year over the same period. In 2014, energy expenditures per capita were $3,704 , which ranked Nevada 44th among all U.S. states.

NV Energy is the largest electricity provider in the state, with over 1.2 million customers.  Eight rural electric cooperatives, four municipal utilities, and three general improvement districts serve the remaining customers in Nevada.

Natural gas is provided by NV Energy and Southwest Gas Corporation, which together served a total of almost 867,000 customers in 2015.

Electricity Demand-Side Management

Natural Gas Demand-Side Management

Electricity Demand-Side Management

NV Energy

  • Residential Energy Efficiency Rebates
    • NV Energy offers free home energy assessments along with free installation of low-cost efficiency measures, and rebates on air conditioner retrofits, LED light bulbs,  and smart thermostats.
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficient Rebates
    • NV Energy offers its commercial and industrial customers a wide range of rebates for energy efficient lighting, cooling systems, new construction, energy management systems, and other equipment upgrades.

Mount Wheeler Power

Headquartered in Ely NV, Mount Wheeler Power Company serves approximately 7,000 customers in northeastern Nevada, Mount Wheeler Power offers rebates through Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Together We Save program.

Wells Rural Electric Company

Headquartered in Wells, NV, Wells Rural Electric Company serves approximately 5,400 customers in northeastern Nevada. Wells Rural Electric offers a residential energy efficiency program that includes rebates for  insulation, window replacement, purchase of LED light bulbs and fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances (high-efficiency water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, and dishwashers), residential HVAC improvements, and insulation. It also provides a rebate for Energy Star®-rated manufactured homes.  Commercial customers are eligible for rebates for installation of high efficiency windows.

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative

Plumas -Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) is a 6,600 member electric cooperative serving the northeastern areas of northern California and northwestern portion of Nevada.

Natural Gas Demand-Side Management

NV Energy

Sierra Pacific Power Company has been conducting DSM programs for its natural gas customers for several years. For information on NV Energy's natural gas DSM programs, visit: 

  • Click here for residential programs
  • Click here for commercial and industrial programs

Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas no longer provides rebates for energy efficiency measures in Nevada, due to a decision by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to end these programs.

  • Click here for information on Southwest Gas’ Commercial DSM programs

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