Workshop on Modern Evaporative Cooling Technologies

July 9-10, 2007 - Boulder, CO

Evaporative cooling systems are ideally suited to the hot dry climate that predominates in much of the Western U.S. When properly installed and maintained, evaporative coolers use about one-fourth (or less) the electricity of conventional central air conditioners and cost about one-third to operate. Modern evaporative coolers use less energy, less water, and require less maintenance than traditional evaporative cooling systems. Because of their superior energy performance, properly installed and maintained evaporative cooling systems can play an important role in utility DSM programs aimed at reducing both regular and peak electricity demand, particularly during the hot summer months when cooling is most needed.

SWEEP is partnering with the Western Cooling Efficiency Center at U.C. Davis to promote evaporative cooling systems in the western region.  SWEEP and WCEC organized a workshop on evaporative cooling on July 10th, 2007 in Boulder, Colorado. The purpose of the workshop was to identify utility-sponsored programs, incentives, research and demonstration efforts, and cooperative activities that can help advance evaporative cooling technologies in the Western U.S.

The workshop was sponsored by Xcel Energy and the Sacramento Utility District (SMUD).