Energy Codes Workshop for City and County Sustainability Managers and Local Nonprofits: How Building Energy Codes Can Support Your Sustainability Goals

August 30, 2016 – Denver, CO

Meeting Summary

On August 30th, SWEEP hosted an all-day workshop at the Colorado Municipal League focused on how energy codes can support city and county sustainability and climate goals.

Group participants learned about the basics and benefits of model energy codes and how they progressively improve energy efficiency. We got an insider view of the local codes adoption process and how buildings departments can effectively coordinate with sustainability managers and local non-profits, in a discussion with local building officials. We learned where energy codes stand in each jurisdiction in Colorado, where codes may be headed in the future, and how Colorado communities are handling the opportunities and challenges of updated codes. Additional sessions included the energy savings, cost savings, and greenhouse gas savings from updated energy codes; the case for electric vehicles in building codes; and the movement towards net zero construction. Finally, we learned how local government officials can participate in the voting process for the next model energy code, the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code. Thank you to Xcel Energy for sponsoring the breakfast and lunch.

Materials List

  • Meeting Agenda

Speaker Presentations

Additional Resources

  • Quarterly Collaborative Meeting. Colorado’s Energy Code Compliance Collaborative meets quarterly in the Denver area to discuss all aspects of energy codes in our state. The next meeting will be in mid-January 2017. Contact Christine Brinker at to be added to the list for upcoming meetings.
  • Grant for Technical Assistance for Jurisdictions. The Colorado Energy Office will be selecting up to seven jurisdictions to receive in-depth technical assistance on advancing to the 2015 energy code. To apply for the technical assistance, contact Zach Owens at
  • Colorado ICC Educational Institute. The Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council hosts its Education Institute each spring, and they have an energy code track. Details for the 2017 institute, when available, will be at
  • National Energy Code Conference. The U.S. DOE’s annual energy code conference will be in Pittsburg in July.