Staff Biography for Mike Salisbury

Mike Salisbury began working in the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project's Transportation program as a Program Associate in early 2009. SWEEP works in the states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming to improve energy efficiency. The transportation program is focused on strategies to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle fleet and to reduce motor vehicle use.

In 2008, Mike received a Masters' degree from the University of Delaware's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy. His research focused on transportation systems and renewable energy. His thesis focused on major transitions in the US transportation sector in the 20th century and how lessons from those transitions can be applied to current attempts to alter transportation in the United States. He also worked on projects studying Vehicle Miles Traveled estimation methodologies, green buildings and the potential for diverse renewable energy technologies in Delaware.

Previously Mike worked in the office of Congressman Mike Castle as a Fellow focused on energy and environmental issues, the League of Conservation Voters in Washington, D.C. and also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa. He received a Bachelor's degree from Pomona College in the energy intensive field of French Literature.