Staff & Regional Representatives

Staff & Regional Representatives


Howard Geller, Executive Director

Howard Geller

Executive Director

 (303) 447-0078 x1

Adam Bickford, Senior Associate Utilities Program

Adam Bickford

Senior Associate
Utilities Program

 (303) 447-0078 x2

Christine Brinker, Director, CHP TAP

Christine Brinker

Senior Associate
Buildings Efficiency Program

 (720) 939-8333

Gene Dilworth, Operations Director

Gene Dilworth

Operations Director

 (303) 447-0078 x4

Nancy Kellogg, Senior Associate

Nancy Kellogg

Program Associate

 (303) 921-4010

Neil Kolwey, Senior Associate, Industrial Program

Neil Kolwey

Senior Associate
Industrial Program

 (303) 499-0213

Jim Meyers, Senior Associate Buildings Efficiency Program

Jim Meyers

Senior Associate
Buildings Efficiency Program

 (303) 974-7243

Suzanne Pletcher, Director of Communications

Penelope Purdy

Director of Communications

 (303) 447-0078 x5

Mike Salisbury, Transportation Program Associate

Mike Salisbury

Senior Associate
Transportation Program

 (303) 477-3738

Will Toor, Transportation Program Director

Will Toor

Transportation Program Director

 (303) 447-0078 x6



New Mexico

Jeff Schlegel, Arizona Representative

Jeff Schlegel

Arizona Representative

 (520) 907-1088

Ellen Zuckerman, Arizona Program Associate

Ellen Zuckerman

Arizona Senior Associate

 (609) 610-2989

Tom Polikalas, Nevada Representative

Tom Polikalas

Nevada Representative

 (775) 386-7411

Tammy Fieblkorn, New Mexico Representative

Tammy Fiebelkorn

New Mexico Representative

 (505) 410-3884



SWEEP partners with Utah Clean Energy (UCE) on energy efficiency matters in Utah. In this capacity, UCE Executive Director Sarah Wright and Senior Policy and Regulatory Associate Kevin Emerson serve as SWEEP's Utah representatives. For staff bios and more information about UCE, please visit:

Kevin Emerson

UCE Senior Policy and Regulatory Associate

 (801) 363-4046

Sarah Wright

UCE Executive Director

 (801) 363-4046