Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Updated: October 2014


Utah has seen a population growth rate of 1.86% per year on average from 2008 to 2012, while the consumption of electricity has increased an average of 1.38% per year over the same period. In 2012 energy expenditures per capita was $3,706, which ranked Utah 44th among all U.S. states.

Summer peak demand in Utah reached its high point in 2003, at 5,133 MW.  Since 2003, the summer peak value for Utah has averaged approximately 3,000 MW.

The main electric utility in Utah is PacificCorp, an investor-owned utility serving five western states and doing business in Utah known as Rocky Mountain Power. Serving about 800,000 customers, RMP provides more than 80% of the electricity consumed in the state. Other customers are served by either municipal utilities or rural electric cooperatives. Questar Gas Company is the largest operating natural gas utility, serving 850,000 customers in Utah.

Below is a description of energy efficiency programs in Utah:

Electricity Demand-Side Management

Natural Gas Demand-Side Management



Below is a list of energy efficiency programs and incentives for their residential and business customers:

  • Residential Programs
    Rocky Mountain Power offers rebates for home insulation, air duct sealing and insulation, high efficiency windows, Energy Star® appliances, evaporative cooling, and high efficiency lighting.   It also offers rebates to recycle refrigerators and freezers, and rebates to builders who build houses that meet or exceed current Energy Star® standards.
  • Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Programs
    Rocky Mountain power offers engineering support and cash incentives to help commercial, industrial and agricultural customers upgrade the energy efficiency of their processes. Incentives are based on the level of energy savings and peak demand reduction of each project, and are available for both retrofits and new construction.  Under the Irrigation Load Control Program, agricultural customers receive utility bill credits if they agree to curtail irrigation pumping during summer afternoons. The self-direct program gives large commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to self-fund energy conservation projects at their facilities. Customers who engineer, implement, and commission qualifying projects receive credits to offset some or all of the DSM surcharge on their utility bills. 



UAMPS is an association of 45 municipal power providers.  Collectively they offer rebates to residential customers rebates for installing Energy Star® lighting and appliances, upgrading home heating and cooling systems, and for recycling refrigerators and freezers.

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Questar developed a website (ThermWise.com) featuring its energy efficiency programs for businesses, homes, and builders. For details on all programs listed below.

  • Appliance Rebates
    Questar offers rebates to households that purchase energy-efficient clothes washers, water heaters, gas furnaces and boilers.
  • Home Energy Audit
    For a modest fee, Questar will conduct an energy audit and provide a detailed report on how the home can become more energy efficient. Follow through on recommendations, and the audit fee is credited back to the customer. 
  • Weatherization
    Residential customers can receive rebates for installing high efficiency windows, wall insulation, attic/floor insulation, or duct sealing and insulation.

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