Press Coverage

March 2017

  • APS rate hike has critical flaws, consumer groups say
    Arizona Republic - March 23, 2017
    Arizona Public Service Co. has won over the state consumer advocate and the staff for utility regulators regarding its need for a rate increase, but the proposed hike still has a number of opponents, including AARP, energy conservation advocates and individual consumers. "We think it takes away choices from consumers,” said Steve Jennings, associate state director for AARP. “Forcing new customers on a time-of-use rate, that is a concern for us,” said Jeff Schlegel, the state representative for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), a conservation group.
  • Colorado transportation bill gets criticism from conservatives, praise from business groups
    Denver Business Journaln - March 9, 2017
    Transit advocates are pressing the Colorado Legislature to reserve significant funding for buses, bikes and other transportation modes that don’t involve expanding or fixing highways. Will Toor, director of the transportation program at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, said his organization and others would like to see roughly 30 percent of the revenue generated by any proposal that makes it onto the November statewide ballot put aside for mobility infrastructure and services that are not traditional roads and highways.
  • Push for public transit goes to rural towns
    Cortez Journal - March 1, 2017
    Demand for public transit is growing in Southwest Colorado, but state funding to support it needs improvement, according to local agencies and a January report by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project.

February 2017

  • Face the State: Electric Vehicles in Nevada
    KTVN - February 11, 2017
    SWEEP's Nevada representative Tom Polikalas explains the opportunities for investment and choices for consumers in Nevada.
  • Study: Public transit getting left by the roadside in Colorado
    Colorado Politics - February 3, 2017
    More food for thought as state lawmakers gird for an epic push to forge a transportation-funding plan: A report released by the Boulder-based Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, or SWEEP, says Colorado is ranked 29th among states in per capita funding for public transit, investing just one-twentieth of the national average in the likes of buses and light rail.

January 2017

  • Clean energy legislation to be discussed in next session
    KOLO-Channel 8 - January 20, 2017
    Several bills relating to clean energy will be discussed in the upcoming Nevada legislative session. Those topics were discussed at an energy policy forum at the InNEVation Center in downtown Reno Friday. "We're here to help educate citizens and our legislators, to be a resource to them to make sure they understand why this is such a key facet in the governor's new economy vision and in his new Nevada vision," said Tom Polikalas, Nevada representative for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project.
  • City Supports Clean Energy Initiatives
    This is Reno - January 15, 2017
    The Reno City Council voted this week to support energy efficiency and clean energy and to join other public sector groups in the Sustainability Partners in Northern Nevada (SPINN) coalition.