March 2017

  • APS rate hike has critical flaws, consumer groups say
    Arizona Rrepublic - March 23, 2017
    Arizona Public Service Co. has won over the state consumer advocate and the staff for utility regulators regarding its need for a rate increase, but the proposed hike still has a number of opponents, including AARP, energy conservation advocates and individual consumers. "We think it takes away choices from consumers,” said Steve Jennings, associate state director for AARP. “Forcing new customers on a time-of-use rate, that is a concern for us,” said Jeff Schlegel, the state representative for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), a conservation group.
  • State funding for public transit absolutely needed
    Colorado Statesman - March 5, 2017
    SWEEP Transportation Program Director Will Toor explains why Colorado needs state funding for its transit systems.