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Federal Energy Efficiency Programs Spared Budget Ax; Congress Saves Jobs and Consumer Dollars in Southwestern States

The U.S. Congress today approved, and the president signed into law, a total budget of $1.17 billion for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) energy efficiency programs for FY18, a 12 percent increase over the $1.04 billion lawmakers approved in FY17 and a sum more than four times the $231.5 million that the Trump Administration proposed for these programs. In addition, the federal budget maintains the funding for the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR programs in FY18 at the same level as in FY17, again ignoring deep cuts requested by the Administration.

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Three Great News Stories About Southwest Energy Efficiency: Money, EVs and NM Plan
March 23, 2018
SWEEP today can report three great news stories about energy efficiency in our region. First, the new federal budget that Congress passed, and President Trump signed, spared key U.S. Department of Energy efficiency programs from the ax. SWEEP provides more information and budget numbers.  Second, Colorado finalized its bold plans for using money from the VW emissions cheating settlement fund to encourage electric vehicle adoption, including...
Implementation of New Mexico’s Energy Roadmap Underway
March 23, 2018
Stakeholders in energy efficiency, clean energy, and related areas have begun discussing the first steps in implementing New Mexico’s Energy Roadmap goals and strategies. The Energy Roadmap, completed in December, is a statewide energy project that is intended to strengthen and diversify a New Mexico energy economy that is resilient to global changes. Energy stakeholders, representing a broad range of more than 50 public and private entities, met...
Colorado’s Final VW Settlement Investment Plan Will Achieve Bold Goals; SWEEP: investments will make possible the important steps detailed in the State Electric Vehicle Plan
March 23, 2018
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  today finalized its plan for how to invest nearly $70 million in fines paid by VW as part of a nationwide settlement of the company’s emissions cheating scandal. The plan will enable Colorado to encourage widespread, consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and help clean up the state’s air quality.  The plan allocates funds for...
SWEEP Welcomes Two New Staffers
March 19, 2018
SWEEP is pleased to announce that two new staff members have joined SWEEP’s Utility and Transportation Programs. Justin Brant is a new Senior Associate in SWEEP’s Utility Program, where his duties include research on utility energy efficiency policy and programs, participating in public utility commission proceedings, and collaborating with utilities, business and consumer groups, and other stakeholders. Before joining SWEEP, he worked at...
SWEEP Announces 2018 Allies; Businesses help support energy efficiency policy work in Southwest
March 15, 2018
The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) today announced that 36 companies have joined, or renewed memberships in, our Allies program. The participating businesses help SWEEP expand our work to advance utility energy efficiency programs and promote energy efficiency, including state and local policies that promote electric vehicles use and adoption. “Our Allies provide crucial support, especially at this time of uncertain federal policy....
Historic ACC Decision Steers Arizona Utilities Toward Clean Energy Resources
March 14, 2018
For the first time ever, the Arizona Corporation Commission has voted not to acknowledge the energy resource plans of the state’s largest investor-owned utilities, Arizona Public Service (APS), Tucson Electric Power (TEP), and UNS Electric (UNSE), citing concern that they rely too heavily on natural gas and make unrealistic predictions about growth in energy demand. In additional votes late in the day Tuesday that had broad or unanimous support...
Henderson, NV, Earns Energy Efficiency Award; Local building code saves residents and businesses money, trims greenhouse gas emissions
March 13, 2018
The City of Henderson, NV, has earned regional recognition for saving its residents and businesses more than $2.3 million on utility bills and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by about 30,254 metric tons over the past four years. The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) will present its “Energy Codes Count Award” to city officials at the council’s March 20 meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. in City Hall, 240 S. Water Street. Henderson...
Settlement Agreement Reached in Xcel Energy DSM Strategic Issues Docket
February 28, 2018
On February 26th, a Comprehensive Settlement Agreement was submitted to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) by most of the parties participating in the Demand-Side Management (DSM) Strategic Issues docket concerning Xcel Energy. This docket establishes energy savings and peak demand reduction goals, financial incentives for the utility, and other key policies affecting Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency and demand response programs. The Settlement...
Electric Transportation Forum
February 27, 2018
Check out the KTVN-Channel 2 news story about SWEEP's recent NV electric forum, including a snowstorm interview with SWEEP's Will Toor and a calmer but still outdoor discussion with state Sen. Patricia Spearman, who sponsored important energy efficiency legislation last year. The one-minute newscast also describes the value of the eight-state (including NV) agreement to create charging stations along 7,000 miles of interstate highways.