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Why the Marijuana Industry Devours Energy and What to Do About It; New report can help pot growers, energy providers and cities

The cannabis (marijuana) industry consumes enormous amounts of energy – an indoor pot grow uses 10 times the amount of energy per square foot as a typical office building – but it doesn’t need to be so wasteful. New technologies, better planning, improved local permitting and forward-looking utility programs could reduce the industry’s drain on the electrical grid (and, by extension, its share of greenhouse gas emissions). A just-published study from the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, the region’s leading think tank on best energy efficiency practices, offers detailed recommendations based on recent engineering data and extensive conversations with cannabis experts.

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Great Op-ed - Why Proposed Federal Budget Cuts Could Hurt Thousands of CO Energy Jobs
January 19, 2018
Colorado Politics/ Colorado Statesman today published a great op-ed from our partner group, the Energy Efficiency Business Coalition:  Proposed federal budget cuts endanger thousands of well-paying clean energy jobs in Colorado. Colorado’s diverse energy sector includes more than 30,000 jobs involving energy efficiency, more than any other part of the energy sector (more than solar and wind, oil, natural gas, or coal), according to a 2017...
Getting Into the Weeds: Helping Cannabis Growers Save Energy
December 29, 2017
Indoor cannabis grow operations can be very energy intensive, using about ten times the amount of energy per square foot as a typical office building. In states where either medical or recreational cannabis is legal, utilities can achieve big energy savings by proactively engaging with these customers. Check out both Neil Kolwey’s blog on the topic, “Getting into the Weeds,” and the full, related report: “A Budding Opportunity: Energy...
Fort Collins Utilities Adopts Time-of-Use Electric Rates for All Residential Customers
December 21, 2017
Fort Collins Utilities, a municipal utility, has approved new Time-of-Use (TOU) rates that will be mandatory for residential customers starting October 1, 2018. The rates, shown below, vary by on-peak and off-peak periods during the day as well as by month. The rates also include a surcharge for consumption above 700 kWh per month, for residences other than those with electric space heating. This new TOU rate design includes many of the features that...
SWEEP Hosts 14th Annual Southwest Energy Efficiency Workshop in Tempe, AZ
December 8, 2017
Regional and national energy efficiency professionals gathered Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2017, in Tempe, AZ, for SWEEP’s 14th Annual Southwest Utility Energy Efficiency Workshop. The annual forum draws leading utility, regulatory, state, federal, non-profit and industry representatives to discuss the status of utility demand-side management (DSM) programs in the Southwest and learn about innovative DSM programs and technologies. The 2017 workshop featured...
SWEEP Files Testimony in Xcel Energy DSM Strategic Issues docket
December 6, 2017
On Dec. 5th, SWEEP’s Executive Director Howard Geller filed answer testimony in the DSM Strategic Issues docket for Xcel Energy in Colorado (aka Public Service Company of Colorado). In his testimony, Dr. Geller recommended higher energy savings goals and energy efficiency budgets than those proposed by Xcel Energy; a different performance incentive mechanism; revisions in non-energy benefits adder values, and other new or modified policies. He...
Howard Geller Presents Leadership Awards
November 21, 2017
Check out today's photos from Las Vegas (including Sen. Spearman getting an assist from her niece, Gabby) on SWEEP's social media pages, as Executive Director Howard Geller presents the 2017 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards to Nevada Assemblyman William McCurdy II and Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman. Howard will give Arizona public interest lawyer Tim Hogan his award next week in Tempe.  
SWEEP Recognizes Two Nevada Legislators and Arizona Public Interest Attorney for Leadership in Energy Efficiency
November 21, 2017
(Las Vegas, NV) Nov. 21, 2017 – The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) today presented 2017 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards to Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman and Nevada Assemblyman William McCurdy II. Senator Spearman is the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 150 and Assemblyman McCurdy is the primary sponsor of Assembly Bill 223—two bills that significantly improve energy efficiency policy in Nevada. The Nevada legislature adopted...
The Weather Channel Interviews SWEEP's Howard Geller
November 8, 2017
The Weather Channel recently interviewed SWEEP's Howard Geller in a longer story about NOAA's supercomputer located in Cheyenne, WY. The article explores the paradox of Wyoming hosting the machine that crunches numbers for climate scientists in a state that remains determined to save coal-fired power plants.