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Trump Administration Poised to Enact Stealth “Tax” on Consumers

Consumers will pay more to fuel their cars if the Trump administration moves forward with plans to roll back car fuel economy standards in place for the past six years, the region’s leading energy efficiency advocacy group warned today. The stakes are very high for all states in the region, said the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP).

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Wyoming Utility Commission Approves New DSM Plan for Rocky Mountain Power
August 9, 2018
On July 24th, the Wyoming Public Service Commission approved the 2018-20 Wyoming demand-side management (DSM) program plan for Rocky Mountain Power (RMP). The new DSM plan took effect on July 1. According to the new DSM plan, RMP will spend nearly $12 million per year on a wide range of energy efficiency programs and measures during 2018-2020, with an average energy savings target of 56 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year. This is equivalent to saving about 0.6...
SWEEP Endorses Sales Tax Increase for Colorado’s Transportation Needs
August 9, 2018
In his latest blog, SWEEP Transportation Director Will Toor explains why we endorsed one of two ballot measures that likely will appear on the Colorado ballot in November.  "Coloradans can help untangle their transportation woes by supporting a ballot measure, currently called Initiative 153, but they shouldn’t be fooled by a go-nowhere alternative that does nothing to solve the complex problem. SWEEP endorses one measure that appears...
SWEEP and Three Other Clean Energy Advocacy Groups Announce Opposition to Electricity Choice Ballot Initiative in Nevada
July 26, 2018
SWEEP, along with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Sierra Club, and Western Resource Advocates, today announced their opposition to Question 3 that will appear on Nevada’s ballot this coming November. Question 3 would deregulate the state’s electricity market and could disrupt the state’s progress towards a clean energy future. SWEEP is particularly concerned about the impact that Question 3 could have on beneficial utility...
Clean Energy Advocates Oppose Nevada Ballot Question 3; Nevada’s Clean Energy Progress at Risk if Voters Approve Question 3
July 26, 2018
                             Today, four clean energy groups, Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and Western Resource Advocates, announced their opposition to Question 3 on Nevada’s ballot this upcoming election. Question 3 would deregulate the state’s electricity market and could disrupt the state’s...
Check Out New Easy-to-Read Fact Sheet on Heat Pumps in the Southwest
July 25, 2018
Do heat pumps save consumers money? Do they save energy? And do they reduce greenhouse gas emissions? SWEEP put together an easy-to-understand fact sheet to answer these important questions for consumers, utilities, home builders, and state policy makers. The fact sheet supplements the earlier, longer report SWEEP issued regarding heat pump use and benefits in the Southwest.  
Denver Adopts Bold goals for Transportation Electrification and Buildings Efficiency
July 17, 2018
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock released the Denver 80x50 Climate Action Plan today. The plan sets bold goals for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and transportation. The transportation goals include 40 percent of all cars in the city being electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 and 100 percent of cars, buses, taxis and rideshare vehicles electric by 2050. The plan also calls for the city to adopt EV-friendly building codes, provide EV charging at all city buildings,...
Utah Issues Its VW Settlement Plan
June 26, 2018
The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has released the state Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for allocating $35 million in funds that Utah will receive from the VW emissions cheating settlement. The plan will help advance electric vehicles (EVs) in Utah in two ways. First, it allocates 11 percent, or just under $4 million, to light-duty vehicle charging stations. This complements $10 million in utility funds and $4 million in U.S. Department of Energy...
Check Out Howard Geller's New Blog on Southwest Utility Programs
June 26, 2018
Howard Geller, SWEEP's executive Director, says that utility energy efficiency programs in the Southwest have taken two steps forward but potentially could take one step back. "Electric utilities in the Southwest expanded their energy efficiency programs over the past decade, except for a few bumps in the road," he wrote. "Recent developments in the region bode well for future energy efficiency efforts, at least for the main utilities...
Arizona Utilities’ Energy Savings Programs Cost the Companies Half the National Average, Says New National Study
June 20, 2018
Arizona’s utilities achieved energy efficiency savings at about half the national average cost, says a new federal report. Electric utilities in Arizona implemented energy efficiency programs at a utility cost of only 1.3 cents per kWh saved, according to a new study issued on June 20, 2018 by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). The LBNL study examined utility energy efficiency programs implemented in 41 states during 2009-15. Considering...
CO to Adopt Clean Car Standards, Aims to Curb Climate Change Pollution and Save Consumers Money
June 19, 2018
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper released an Executive Order on June 19th directing state agencies to initiate a rulemaking at the state Air Quality Control Commission, an action that would have Colorado join California and 12 other states in adopting clean car standards. This comes as the Trump Administration has proposed to weaken existing federal standards. Analysis conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund found that adoption of these standards...