Wyoming Building Energy Codes

Wyoming does not have a statewide energy code. The Wyoming State Fire Marshall is the political body that is responsible for recommending to state legislature the adoption of statewide building codes in Wyoming. In February 2012, the International Building Code (IBC) was adopted but a few of the codes that the IBC references  were amended out, including the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).  Of the 123 local jurisdictions in Wyoming, some have voluntarily adopted more stringent codes for the welfare of their communities.  Some have adopted the 2012 codes, such as Jackson, Teton County, City of Laramie and some are reviewing the 2015 codes. 

In a survey conducted by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) in 2011, findings indicated that the eight most populated jurisdictions in Wyoming, housing more than 50% of Wyoming’s population, have advanced building codes.  In addition, the popular ski towns, of Teton County and Jackson have adopted the 2012 IECC.

Adopted Codes in the Most Populated Jurisdictions

Size Jurisdiction Residential Code Commercial Code


City of Cheyenne

IRC 2012, IECC 2009

IBC 2012, IECC 2009


Laramie County

IRC 2012, No energy

IBC 2012, No energy


City of Laramie

IRC 2012, IECC 2012

IBC 2012, IECC 2012


City of Rock Springs

IRC 2006

IBC 2006


City of Sheridan

IRC 2012, IECC 2012*

IBC 2012, Chp 13


Campbell County

IRC 2012, No energy

IBC 2012, No energy


City of Casper

IRC 2012, IECC 2012**

IBC 2012, IECC 2012**


City of Gillette

IRC 2012, REScheck

IBC 2012, COMcheck


*With Amendments
**With Amendments (as reference only)

The Energy Codes Ambassador Program has two accredited energy code ambassadors in Wyoming: