Annual Reports

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) continued to build momentum towards more efficient energy use in the region in 2015.

With advocacy and support from SWEEP, the electric utilities in the region helped their customers save about 2,400 GWh per year from energy efficiency programs implemented in 2015, equivalent to the electricity use of 230,000 typical households. The utilities estimate that their 2015 programs will provide households and businesses about $650 million in net economic benefits over the lifetime of energy efficiency measures installed that year, while also reducing CO2 emissions by millions of tons and water consumption by billions of gallons.

With support from SWEEP, states, cities and counties continued to adopt either the 2012 or 2015 version of International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). As of 2015, we estimate that about 45 percent of new housing permits were issued in jurisdictions that have adopted a state-of-the-art building energy code.

SWEEP helped to advance policies that are facilitating the deployment of electric vehicles in 2015, with Colorado and Utah ranking as two of the top ten states nationwide for EV sales.

SWEEP maintained its support of industrial energy efficiency improvements in 2015, and we played a significant role in influencing and supporting EPA’s Clean Power Plan. In addition, SWEEP generated considerable press and social media coverage of energy efficiency issues and opportunities.