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How to Double or Triple Electric Vehicle Sales in Your Community

How to Double or Triple Electric Vehicle Sales in Your Community
Are you interested in doubling or tripling electric vehicle sales in your area? Communities across the Southwest have found an innovative way to significantly increase electric vehicle sales: a group purchase program that provides a time limited opportunity for their residents to get discounts on purchasing an electric vehicle. Here are the results to date: In one Colorado program in Adams, Boulder and Denver Counties, 248 Nissan Leafs were sold in 4 months, more than doubling... More

How Leading Utilities are Embracing Electric Vehicles

A business owner has the chance to expand her market and immediately increase sales.  She jumps at the opportunity, right? Electric vehicles (EVs) offer electric utilities exactly that type of opportunity to increase sales. And leading utilities across the United States are taking notice and embracing plug-in cars. This blog highlights several key points from a new SWEEP report that describes the opportunities and challenges that electric vehicles present to utilities.  It reviews why utilities should embrace EVs and what leading utilities across the country are already doing to increase adoption of electric vehicles. 

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